How to Save Money on Energy Bills

Are energy bills eating up your paycheque? Having the lights on and using various appliances does not come cheaply. Not to mention heating and cooling your house. Green power cost a pretty penny and switching off your air conditioning system is not an option. Good news is you can save energy without buying expensive gadgets or sacrificing your comfort.

Heating and cooling your house accounts for most of the utility bills. Therefore, they are the best place to begin the journey to lower your energy bill. High utility bills result from your air conditioning system working overtime to keep you comfortable. If the heat is unyielding, you need to find ways to let in cold air.

Installing modern patio doors can cut energy consumption in your home. For many years people have had sliding doors in their homes. While they provide a fantastic view of your garden, they let in too much heat from the sun. The air leakage at the seams during the cold seasons increases the use of the heating system.

Find Energy-Efficient Patio Doors

When looking for quality patio doors, check the sealing and thickness. Seals affect air leakage and thermal performance. A patio door with a thick seal provides better insulation and lasts longer than the conventional seal. The thickness of the door reduces conduction thereby improving efficiency.

You should also check the door performance ratings; shop patio doors with a rating label and information on efficiency. The information on the label is the U-Factor and Solar Heat Coefficient. The U-Factor measures the ability of the door to retain internal heat. Solar Heat Coefficient measures the effectiveness of the door in resisting solar radiation. 

A good patio door should save you money on energy bills and stand the test of time. Apart from French patio doors, there are other designs like bi-fold doors and sliding doors. You will spend more on the designs but the aesthetic value it adds to your home is worth the price. 

Patio Door Materials Reduce Energy Bills

The common materials for making patio doors are wood, vinyl, aluminium, and glass. The quality of the material has an impact on the look, energy efficiency and durability of the door. Aluminium bifold doors are famous for their durability and aesthetic appeal. The strength of aluminium allows the frames to be slimmer giving you more window space.

Vinyl is an affordable option; however, it may warp and bend from exposure to sunlight. Wood frames look great on doors but also require regular maintenance. When looking to reduce utility bills maximise glass size and reduce the amount of frame. To improve energy-efficiency, go for a patio door with low-e glass. Double and triple pane glass provides additional insulation by reducing air leakage. Also, a door design with integral blinds is the go-to option. Textured glass or blinds reduce the heat from the sun.

Whatever style and design you choose for your patio door, ensure you get value for your money from the reduction in utility bills.