Countertop Refinishing Vs. Replacement – Which One Should You Choose?

Your Kansas home kitchen remodel is coming up and you are wondering what you should do with your countertop – should you refinish it to give it a shiny new surface, or should you replace it completely? The best thing to do is to look at the pros and cons of both. For many homeowners the obvious choice is a replacement – they want everything in their remodeled kitchen to be new. The benefit of this is that you get a completely new countertop but the con is that you should be prepared to spend quite a bit.

Many Kansas home owners choose countertop refinishing and with good reason – it comes with several advantages that are hard top overlook. The first and most important is cost. Many people remodel home with the smallest of budgets; they make only the changes that they must. It makes sense to choose a countertop refinish when you consider that it costs about $20 less a square foot than it does to replace. Here are other advantages of refinishing your countertop:

  • You save time with a refinish. The average refinish will take about 48 hours whereas a complete replacement will take at least 7 or 8 days to complete. The longer you have contractors working in your home, the more you have to pay them. You will also not be able to use your kitchen for the duration of the replacement. If you are looking to get the work done in your kitchen as soon as possible it makes more sense to refinish an already existing countertop.
  • With existing technology you can get an old countertop to look as good s new. The reason why so many homeowners choose countertop refinishing vs. replacement is because the results look superb. You should find a contractor who has experience in this sort of work.
  • When you choose to replace a countertop there is one more service you have to pay for – plumbing. For a new countertop to be installed your contactor will have to make sure that the existing plumbing will be sufficient and if it isn’t adjustments have to be made. With a refinish, on the other hand, all you need to do is smooth and re-dye the countertop, and maybe cast it in a different shape.
  • Some homeowners worry about the durability of a refinished countertop – what if you have to replace the whole thing after a few years anyway? Any good contractor will tell you that if you refinish your countertop professionally it will last just as long as a brand new one, usually about 15 years.

Some homeowners, especially those who like DIY may assume that since all that they plan to do is remodel their countertop they can do the work themselves. This is never a good idea. Refinishing a countertop is complex work that requires specialized tools and expertise so if you want excellent results it is best to let a professional countertop refinishing company do the work for you.