8 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Rattan Webbing


If you want to freshen up your aesthetic at home, you might want to give rattan webbing a try. Woven accents made of rattan are a rising trend nowadays, thanks to a neutral tone that matches a wide range of styles. The comforting texture of quality rattan also provides earthiness to spaces with an otherwise minimalist feel. To help you get started, here are 8 ideas for decorating your home with rattan webbing.

8 Ways You Can Decorate Your Home with Rattan Webbing

1.Chairs and Tables

Rattan webbing is flexible enough to be woven into all kinds of chairs, from chaises to rockers to counter stools. There are even hanging chairs made of rattan, if you’re looking for a laid-back centerpiece for your porch or living room. You can also find various tables that have incorporated rattan, either as an accent or as the main material.

Place a rattan chair on your porch, beside your pool, or in your living room. Outfit a rattan couch with white throw pillows for a clean aesthetic, or drape it with colorful patterns to achieve a rustic look. Chairs and tables made with rattan webbing are virtually timeless.

2.Plant Stands

Whether you have a small indoor tree or a leafy palm, your plants will perfectly fit into place  in a stand made of rattan. A single planter is an eye-catching living room accent by itself, but you can gently build up the tropical aesthetic by arranging several stands in a group! You can even find multi-level planters made with rattan webbing to show off an entire collection of succulents. These stands contrast nicely with clean white walls.

3.Mats and Rugs

Want your living room to feel posh yet comfy? Welcome house guests with a rattan rug, and then unfurl a matching mat in your living room. Bring this tropical vibe into the dining room by arranging rattan placemats and woven coasters on the dining table.

Also, you might be surprised to find out that rattan webbing can help you survive warm and humid nights! Topping your bed with a woven sleeping mat allows air to flow between your body and your sheets. This kind of mat will complement fresh white linen.


With the splash of coastal style from a rattan lampshade, you can imagine that you’re on vacation whenever you walk into your bedroom. Homeowners with chic interiors can find rattan ball lampshades to hang from their ceilings. You’ll be able to purchase these round accents in different colors.

5.Room Decor

Complete the look of your room with the right rattan ornaments. A round tray underneath a porcelain tea set or a plate of afternoon treats can be a warm, cozy sight. Later on, you may take a set of these lovely trays and mount them as wall art. Chests and trunks made of rattan can serve as storage and decor, though some sturdier pieces can even be used as seats. Also, try bringing your living room together with a rattan ottoman! Leave it as is during warmer months or drape faux fur or thick cloth over it when winter comes around.


A rattan dresser can fit perfectly in a mid-century modern bedroom. Get one with a glass top and put a couple of vintage ornaments on display for a luxurious feel. In case you’re looking for a more contemporary piece, you can look for a basket dresser with a frame made of iron or wood in a solid color.


Do you have sweeping windows beside your favorite lounging spots? Sometimes, you’ll enjoy the sunlight pouring in through the glass, but other times, you might want a bit more privacy. A foldable divider can come in handy for such places in your home. You can find rattan dividers with 3 or 4 panels and in different heights, depending on how much space you’d like to cover. In case you’re concerned about the divider blending in with the rest of your room, some pieces even feature woven designs.

8.Wall or Ceiling Lining

Not sure what to do with an unsightly wall or ceiling? Here’s a simple solution: cover it up with rattan webbing. This can help soften the aesthetic of an otherwise hard-edged room. Rattan webbing also makes for a beautiful privacy wall that blocks prying eyes while letting a gentle breeze pass through. It helps that rattan is a long-lasting material, so you’ll have a room feature that is both spectacular and durable!

Quality rattan webbing can instantly add texture to the room of your choice, as well as lend it the ambience of an exotic land or a tropical vacation. The next time you shop for furniture or think of switching up your interior, go through this list and see how a bit of rattan webbing can refresh the look of your home!

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