Upgrade Your Balcony with These 7 Privacy Screen Ideas

Would you lounge around on your balcony if it were also in plain sight of your neighbors? Quite frustrating  if the same balcony offers a comfortable spot for daily meditation or intimate moments with loved ones.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still turn your balcony back into a private haven. It’s just a matter of blocking the neighbors’ view with a well-placed privacy screen. Try upgrading your balcony with one of these 7 privacy screen ideas!

7 Privacy Screens to Upgrade Your Balcony

1.     Bamboo Mat

Want to bring in the breeze while keeping neighbours’ eyes at bay? Unfurl a mat of bamboo reeds around the perimeter of your balcony. Not only is this privacy screen easy to install, but it will also give your balcony a nice rustic look. If your balcony has a ceiling, you can also install the bamboo mat vertically so that it hangs from above.

2.     Trellis/Lattice

The criss-cross pattern of a trellis screen is both recognizable and timeless. Trellises can also be set up with ease! All you have to do is mount it against the side of the balcony that you’d like to cover. Leave it bare, paint it in your favourite colour, or grow climbing vines for a fresh and verdant look.

3.     Planter Wall

A sleek planter wall instantly adds both privacy and greenery to any balcony. Mount it on the side of the balcony that faces the neighbours’ windows. Then, use it to grow your favourite flowers or herbs, or decorate it with artificial plants.

4.     Tall Potted Plants

Potted bamboo and shrubs can be one of your cheapest options if you already have them lying around the house. Just bring them upstairs and line them up so that they form a privacy screen on one side of your balcony. All they need in return is a regular watering and the occasional trim.

5.     Hedging Plants

Yes, hedges aren’t just for the garden anymore! Set up a few planter boxes by the balcony railings, grow your hedging plant of choice, and voilà. Your balcony will have a thick and shapely privacy screen that can double as a green accent piece.

6.     Curtains

Another easy idea is to install billowing curtains around your balcony for a soft or regal aesthetic. This flowy privacy screen can be tucked away when the next door neighbours are out of town, too. Choose curtains made of synthetic cloth for a low-maintenance screen, or opt for organic fabrics if you want an earthy feel. Have fun matching them with your balcony decor!

7.     Decorative Screen

Want a balcony that your neighbors can’t peek through but your house guests will rave over? Go for a privacy screen with an intricate laser-cut design. Onlookers will find it almost impossible to see whatever’s happening on your balcony! Install it on a balcony facing the sun for a dazzling show of light and shadow whenever the sun sets.

Consider installing one of these 7 privacy screens on your balcony! You’ll have a stylish and safe open space where you can relax without worrying about any prying eyes.

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