How to Set Up a Pop-Restaurant

Planning to expand your food business but reluctant to do it? Well, one way to try if your food business will work is to place a pop-up restaurant where people can taste your food. There is a new trend growing when it comes to tasting new delicacies and that is with pop-ups.

There are different reasons why you may have decided to place a pop-up, but mostly this is because you want to try if customers would love what you are offering them. If your food clicks, then you may even decide to set up your restaurant or add more pop-ups.

You also have control over when to open your store. You can open it on weekends, at night, or just every day. Regardless of when you want to operate, there are still some things you need to think about:

Place it on the Right Location

Pop-ups can be placed almost anywhere. But just because you can place it anywhere, it does not mean that you are going to place it anywhere. You should also be strategic when placing your pop-up. Find a place where there are a lot of people. When foot traffic is present, there is a high percentage that they will be tasting your food.

Do your research on the right location and possible competitions. Better to find a location where other pop-ups are also present since this would mean that there are more people in the area to hang out and eat what you are serving.

Rent a Commercial Kitchen

You can have your dishes be prepared in your pop-up and that would require installing the right equipment for everyday cooking. You will also need to make certain that you are following health and safety regulations set out by the state or city to avoid penalties or even closure of your business.

Since pop-up restaurants are mostly placed outdoors where space is limited, choosing to rent a commercial kitchen is the most practical solution for your business. Commercial kitchens are mostly available for such businesses where you can cook for the whole day and bring all your dishes to your stall.

There are advantages to renting a commercial kitchen too since it also easy to access from your location and can be open 24/7. So whenever you need supplies, you can easily get them and place in your stall. You can also customize your commercial kitchen to your needs so you can just purchase the right equipment suitable for your pop-up needs.


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