Albacustom’s professional work-outline in processing metal chairs

Step by step through the processing of metal chairs: from your initial vision to your ideal finishings

AlbaCustom has developed a strict innovative process aimed at forging and producing metal chairs, which involves a well balanced mix of modern technology and experienced human skills in order to make your initial idea of a chair a reality.

The first steps in this process are made by our team of dedicated engineers who take your initial idea and by means of the latest 3D design tools create a rendering plan which will allow you to see a realistic preview of the project and to have the possibility to modify it and personalize it with the finishes that you prefer. On the other hand, in this phase our engineers will be able to study carefully the feasibility of the project and if need be eliminate any issue that may occur in manufacturing the chair and they will eventually create a prototype piece.

After the creation of a sample piece, the next step is the manufacturing and production of the chairs, passing through different processing functions depending on the chair model. Our technologically advanced machinery provides us with the capacity for bending tubes and wires of different dimensions, cutting round, square or rectangular sections up to 80 mm using saws or laser cutting tubes up to 120mm through a computerised process. Other robots allow us to bend and weld metal parts without involving human workers in such operations that might be dangerous, because we care about safety at work.

The final step involves our truly reliable suppliers to offer you a great variety of finishes, ranging from paint and epoxy powder coating, to chrome plating, cataphoresis or galvanising. Some are best for indoor chairs others for outdoor furniture, but what is important is that the final product fulfils your expectations for your desired chairs.

We at AlbaCustom have studied carefully and worked intensely to develop such a good system for processing metal chairs and eventually have created a real landmark for quality and attention to details.